Lesson  Eggs, Eggs, Eggs – -> Animals that lay eggs: BIRDS
Content Area SCIENCE  – Life Science
Unit All About Animals
Objective  Students will learn about the eggs of six different birds.  They will color, cut, and paste to order the eggs from smallest to largest.  Then they will write sentences describing the size differences in the eggs.
  1. All living things can reproduce (have young).
  2. Explain to students that this week they are going to learn about animals that lay eggs.  Today we will focus on birds.
  3. Show students the Arkive.com links below.
  4. Plover
  5. Hummingbird
  6. Ostrich
  7. Murre
  8. Emu
  9. American Robin
  10. Follow the instructional steps below:

Steps to Follow
1. Read the information about each egg. Follow the instructions for coloring the eggs.
2. Cut out the eggs and the information labels.
3. Glue the eggs along the bottom of the strip of paper. Order the eggs, starting
with the smallest egg fi rst.
4. Glue the label for each egg above the egg. Glue the title in the upper-left corner.

Materials  Materials
• egg patterns on pages 17 and 18, reproduced for students
• 7½” x 18″ (19 x 45.5 cm) strip of colored construction paper
• glue
• scissors
• crayons or markers
Formative Assessment  Writing About the Eggs
1. Brainstorm words that are used to describe the size of a thing.
2. Write the words on a chart page or the chalkboard.
3. Have students write sentences describing the eggs’ size differences.

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