Lesson  How are young plants like their parents?
Content Area SCIENCE  – Life Science
Unit How Living things grow and change
Objective Students will be able to:

  • understand that living things can reproduce, and nonliving things cannot
  • understand that plants and animals produce offspring with similar characteristics, but individual differences.
  1. Young plants can be like their parents or they can be different. They can be the same shape and color. Many plants grow bigger as they get older.
  2. How are these plants the same? How are they different? 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  3. Explain that it takes a saguaro 65 years to grow arms which would make the adult one in the picture over 100.
  4. These flowers are called foxgloves. Foxgloves grow leaves during their first year of life. They grow flowers during their second year of life. Look at the picture. The foxglove flowers all have the same shape but different different colors, just like the kittens that we talked about the other day. 
  5. Make connections with young plants and adult plants TO young animals and adult animals.
  6. CFA
  •  Smart Board / Internet
  • Index cards
Formative Assessment  Have students draw a young saguaro cactus and an adult saguaro on an index card. 

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