Lesson How Sea Turtles Grow and Change
Content Area SCIENCE  – Life Science
Unit How Living Things Grow and Change
Standards  5.2
Objective Students will be able to:

  • distinguish between living and nonliving
  • describe how organisms change as they grow and mature
  • understand that living things can reproduce and nonliving things cannot reproduce.
  1. Show students a picture of a sea turtle.  
  2. Have students describe what the sea turtle looks like.
  3. Show students this 52 second clip from Arkive.com
  4. Ask students, “What does the sea turtle need to live?” (food, water, air, shelter)
  5. Ask, “What does the turtle have that provides shelter?” (Its Shell)
  6. Write a variety of living and non-living words on the board and ask students to help you classify them in a t-chart.
  7. Now help the students draw conclusions and differences between the two (Living things need food and water. Some moving things can move on their own. Living things grow and change. Living things can be parents. Plants and animals are living things.)
  8. Hand out song lyrics for “Hi Little Turtle”
  9. Read and discuss the lyrics.
  10. Play the song once and allow the students to dance.
  11. Listen to the song a second time, but this time for understanding.
  12. Talk about the song.
  13. Ask, “Where does a sea turtle live? (In the ocean)
  14. Discuss how a sea turtle can crawl onto a beach to lay its eggs and how a sea turtle uses its flipper to dig a hole in the sand. It lays its eggs in the hole. Then the sea turtle covers the egg with sand. The eggs lay in the sand for about a month or two. Then the eggs are ready to hatch. Baby turtles have a special tooth that helps them break open from the egg’s shell. Later, the tooth falls out.
  15. Show this YouTube clip (3.28 min) and then this Arkive video clip (53 seconds)to help students conceptualize and form correct mental images.
  16. Formative Assessment
  • Image of a sea turtle
  • Smart Board / Intrenet
  • Song Lyrics of “Hi Little Turtle” (class set reproduced)
  • CD Player and disc
Formative Assessment CFA – Exit slip:

  1. What do living things need? (food and water)
  2. What kinds of living things do not move from place to place? (plamts)
  3. Where does a sea turtle lay its eggs? (in the sand)
  4. Why does the baby turtle’s tooth fall out later in life? (It doesn’t need it any more)

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