Lesson  What is the life cycle of a bean plant?
Content Area SCIENCE  – Life Science
Unit How do living things grow and change?
Objective  Students will be able to describe how organisms change as they grow and mature.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Show students the bean plants and their growth.
  2. Ask, ” How do the Sun, the rain, and the soil help bean plants grow?”
  3. Allow students to act out their answers.
  4. Ask, “What do plants need to grow?” (water, sunlight, air)
  5. Explain: most plants grow from seeds.
  6. Ask, “Why do you wear coats in the winter?” (to protect you from the cold)
  7. Explain: A seed has a hard outer covering called a seed coat.  The seed coat protects the seed.
  8. Explain & Discuss: each seed contains a tiny plant and stored food, just like each chicken egg contained a baby chick and the food it needed to survive while growing in the egg. (make a chick egg and been seed connection)
  9. Explain & Show: A seed that gets enough water and air may germinate– begin to grow. Roots from the germinated seed grow down into the ground.  Then a stem grows up.  A seedling grows out of the ground. A seedling is a young plant. The plant continues to grow.  The flowers on an adult plant make seeds.  Some seeds from adult plants will grow into new plants.  AND then the cycle begins again! Slideshow
  10. Show this YouTube clip: 
  11. CFA
  • Internet / Smart Board
  • 25 half sheets of copy paper for CFA
Formative Assessment Give students a sheet of copy paper. Ask students to sketch/label the stages of the bean plant life cycle.

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