Lesson 1  Intro/Attributes of rural, suburban, urban communities
 Lesson 2  Community Transportation
 Lesson 3  Community Buildings and their uses
 Lesson 4  Occupations A-Z (Evan Moore)

CCSS 2.9 a,b,c

 Lesson 5  Interviewing Occupations (Evan Moore)

CCSS 2.9 a, b, c

 Lesson 6  Goods and Services (Purple Book)

CCSS 2.8 a, b, c, d

 Lesson 7  Ways People Use Land and Water (Purple Book)


 Lesson 8  People Help Each Other in a Community (Purple Book)

2.2 a, b

 Lesson 9  Needs and Wants (Text Unit 4, Lesson 2, pg. 194-195)

2.9 a, b, c

 Lesson 10  Producers and Consumers (Text Unit 4, Lesson 4, pg. 202-203)

2.9 a, b, c

 Lesson 11  From Farm to Factory (Text Unit 4, Lesson 5, pg. 206-211)

CCSS2.9a, b, c

 Lesson 12  Trading with Other Countries (Unit 4, Lesson 6, pg. 214-217)

CCSS: 2.8a, b, c d

 Lesson 13 Jobs/ Taxes (Text Unit 4, Lesson 1,  pg. 184-193)

CCSS 2.8 d


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