Lesson  Branches of Government
Content Area  Social Studies
Unit  Our Government
  •  People living in rural, urban, and suburban communities may have conflicts over rules, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Citizens can participate in decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • People in rural, urban, and suburban communities develop rules and laws to govern and protect community members.
  • Our local communities have elected and appointed leaders who make, enforce, and interpret rules and laws.
Objective Students will understand that there are 3 branches of Government that work together to make laws and run our country.  Students will understand that the President does not solely make decisions.
  •  Students will view a visual depicting the 3 branches of Government.  They will see that the executive branch.
  • Students will write the attributes and roles of each of the three in a 3 column chart.  They will discuss the differences of the three.
  • Students will then write the definition of each branch on a leaf to add to out Branches of Government Tree”
  • Students will complete a comprehension activity (see worksheets above) to act as a formative assessment.

Discuss with students the concept of democracy and how it works.  Explain the three branches of government and the idea that they all have seperate powers.  Illustrate this concept by drawing the outline of a tree with three branches of government.  Invite students to illustrate a different part of the government tree.


  • United States Resource Box Activity Cards/worksheets (Leg., Jud., Exec.)
  • Branches of Government Tree Work Page
  • Diagram Picture Cards that are above
  • Internet/SmartBoard
Formative Assessment  Branches of Government Tree

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