Lesson  The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
Content Area  Social Studies
Unit  Our Government
  • People living in rural, urban, and suburban communities may have conflicts over rules, rights, and responsibilities.
  • Citizens can participate in decision making, problem solving, and conflict resolution.
  • People in rural, urban, and suburban communities develop rules and laws to govern and protect community members.
Objective Students will become familiar with and recognize government related vocabulary words by viewing a picture of the word and its definition. These vocabulary words will be placed in a banner sized Alpha Box that will be hung in the room.
  1. Students will view and discuss the “Our Constitution” slideshow.
  2. Students will discuss what the Constitution is and why it is fundamental to our Nation.
  3. Students will answer comprehension questions about the declaration.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • Comprehension worksheet
  • Smart Board / Internet / slideshow
  • Constitution replica (from resource box)

Formative Assessment  Comprehension questions on worksheet

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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