Lesson  The White House and Our Nation’s Capitol
Content Area  Social Studies
Unit  Our Government
  •  A government is a group of people who run a community, state, or country.
  • Americans work together to run our government.
Objective  Students will be able to explain the significance of the White House and Capitol Building.
  • Students will view the picture cards for the Capitol and and the White House that are in the US Resource Box.  The teacher will read the bullets aloud and form discussion with students.  Students will participate in making observations for a t-chart anchor chart using the 2 pictures.
  • Students will take a virtual tour of The White House on Google Maps.
  • Students will participate collaboritively on the the activity card, “Washington, DC” to complete the 5 questions.
  • Students will read aloud the story on Book Flix: Pets in the White House
  • http://bkflix.grolier.com/p/node-32747/bk0101pr
  • Students will view/discuss the slide show about the White House and the Capitol building.  The slideshow goes back to Mount Vernon, which was where GW lived before there was the White House
  • CFA (see below)
  • EXTRA: ‘White House Math’ acticty page: the page helps conceptualize how big the White House is.
  • Picture cards (resource box)
  • Activity Card (resource box)
  • Smart Board / Internet
  • Book Flix
  • Index Cards
Formative Assessment  Students will write on an index card a fact about the White House and a fact about our Capitol building that they learned today.

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