Lesson  Pioneers & Colonists (Dioramas)
Content Area Social Studies – Colonists
Unit People of our Past
Objective Students will be able to:

  • define/explain who a colonist and pioneer is
  • compare and contrast the difference between pioneers and colonists
  • create a diorama to assist in comparing and contrasting pioneer homes and clothing to their homes and clothing today
  1. Read, discuss, and answer the Colonists and Pioneers activity cards reproducables.
  2. Allow students to color and cut the Pioneer Home Diorama
  3. Model how to glue the diorama
  4. Complete, discuss, and answer the clothes and house reroducables.


  • 26 sheets of construction paper (cut into 8 x 8″ squares)
  • Pioneer Dirama cut out page (26)
  • House/Clothes passage/questions – reading comprehension (26)
  • Pioneers/Colonists passage/questions – reading comprehension (26)
Formative Assessment  Comprehension questions
Resources  People Long Ago Resource Box

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