Lesson  Introduction to Native American History
Content Area Social Studies
Unit People of Our Past
Objective Students will be able to:

  • identify things they know about Native Americans, then record their observations or facts on the chart under the “What We Know…” category.
  • identify questions that they have about Native Americans.
  • discuss the meaning of new vocabulary words when provided the meaning.
  1. Display the KWL chart in front of the classroom.
  2. Ask students to identify things that they know (or think they know) about Native Americans.
  3. Ask prompting questions such as, “Who are Native Americans?” or “Where did NA live before the settlers came?” or What kind of homes did NA live in?”
  4. Next ask students to identify questions that they have about Native Americans.  Record these questions on the chart under the “What you want to know…” category.
  5. Post the KWL chart where the class can see and refer to it throughout the unit.
  6. At the end of the unit, invite students to share the answers to their questions and information about what they have learned about NA. Record them.
  7. Discuss what each of the ten vocabulary words mean.
  8. Partner students up and give them an index card.   Have each group write the definition on the back, as well as a picture.
  9. Once the words have been introduced, hand out copies of the crossword for children to complete.
  • KWL chart (from kit)
  • Vocabulary Crossword reproducable
  • Index Cards
Formative Assessment  Crossword Puzzla and collaborative vocabulary words index card
Resources  Materials from Native American Resource Box

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